Tara Furiani is a creative and energetic executive, author, podcaster, accomplished business speaker and trusted advisor to business leaders across the globe. With 18 years of international business experience and a passion for what she does, Tara knows what you and your business need to get your people organization to the next level.

Tara Furiani

 Tara Furiani

As a Dale Carnegie trained facilitator, Tara Furiani can get employees engaged and has the intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence, combined with the working knowledge to aid your business in meeting its marketing, brand, social, pr, culture, talent acquisition, employee development, HR compliance, and general human resources needs.

Energy, enthusiasm, and excellence are what you can expect from this “always working” leader. Tara is someone who not only sets the example, but she consistently raises the bar.

Leave it to this Southern California raised firecracker to “hit the ground running” with your organization.

Tara has the real-world experience to enlightens and enables your organization to thrive. Explore the information on this site to discover how Tara can help you achieve your specific goals.

Check out Tara’s Podcast Series… Don’t Suck as a Boss! You can find it on iTunes and Podbean.

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Tara Furiani