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We Might as Well Just Have a Pre-Recorded Message!

I’m sorry… I don’t need you. No, seriously. If all I needed was someone to get the guest card basics (name, phone number, size & date) when they answer the phone and proceed to recite the same old tired “speech” time and time again… I may as well just have a really great pre-recorded message that at its conclusion asks the caller to leave their name, phone number, size apartment they’re looking for and their desired move-in date… because that’s about how good your calls are and about as much good as they’re doing you, your community and even more big picture, your company.

This might sound like I’ve given up… but I haven’t.

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It’s the Age of Technology… Use Your Email Effectively!

Recently, I developed a Virtual Leasing Webinar that was all about the ever so neglected email leads that we receive on-site, daily.

After secretly shopping several communities (both within my company and external companies) I found that the response “rule” is to send a generic template email that tells me essentially everything I just found on the website I was just on. Can we say, redundant?

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This is “Our Time”, Are YOU Taking Advantage?

Since sometime in February, we’ve all heard the news that our multifamily economy is stronger than it’s been in a decade… that this is the time of the “landlord”… that the demand will far outweigh supply… that we should do away with concession and increase rents… etc…

As a company we’ve been sharing this “good news” with our on-site teams, promoting contests around renewal increases and really driving home the “this is our time” mantra that seems to be everywhere related to our industry. I’m happy to report that it does seem that it’s “our time” in a lot of instances. The Sterling Group has had our NOI increase 14% from March to April… but not without some serious effort on our part, and by that I mean… we’ve really had to sell this “Our Time” stuff to our site level colleagues!

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