Speaking Information

Customization – one size does NOT fit all!

Tara is one of the few human resource consultants who actually does a needs analysis, quickly and accurately, to diagnose the true needs of your business. There is no a one-size-fits-all approach for this executive and with each company being unique and each challenge being individual, Tara takes the time to understand the issues and develop a plan for how to get on or back on track.

Her messages are so on target that several corporations have taken the key phrases Tara composed for them and incorporated them onto their company culture! Another dimension of customization is being fully engaged.

Ever had the experience of listening to a speaker go through their routine (even if it’s a good one) and wondering if they are actually ‘there’? If so, you know exactly what we’re getting at. If at all possible Tara arrives early to either hear the speakers before her so she can build on their message and help create seamless flow to the whole program or if she’s working onsite, doing a training program, she will want to get a good feel for the company culture and the day to day, before beginning. Her goal is to make sure you’re getting the most out of the content she’s delivering and buy-in from the executive team and other key leaders, is critical.

Tara’s been featured in many publications, in print and on the web!

There’s No Such Thing as a “Typical” Event!

One thing you need know about the people business is that every event, every session, every program… is different (or it should be). And if that’s true for the Executives sponsoring the meeting and for meeting planners trying to pull it off without a hitch, it certainly should be true for your speaker. You’ll find Tara able to adapt both the message and style to fit the situation and make everything on her end, seamless. Whether the group numbers 5 people or 10,000; whether they are in finance, technology, sales, healthcare, travel or a bit of everything; whether the mood is celebratory as on an incentive trip or more somber as when the group has been through difficult circumstances…you’ll find Tara ‘tuning-in’ to the situation in a remarkable way and providing exactly the right blend of uplifting inspiration and depth of insight you need.

Where some professionals show up only for their presentation or just long enough to make an appearance, Tara takes the time to engage with your group. This is what enables her to truly connect rather than just fly in and fly out. And it makes all the difference in the world to your success. Tara’s ability to inspire an audience, her skills “on stage” as a facilitator and/or speaker, her depth of thinking and her ability to react and respond quickly… always thinking on her toes… are what make her the consultant you’ve been searching for.

Experience Counts

You’ll be hard put to find an industry or type of audience with which Tara has not had experience in. In most cases she can provide references and content suggestions uniquely relevant to your situation. She’s seen a lot of things that have worked splendidly and many things that didn’t. So don’t hesitate to Contact her to discuss your program – there is no obligation whatsoever.

The same goes true regarding Tara’s ability to handle those situations that no one could have predicted and have the potential to derail your efforts. You hope this stuff doesn’t happen, at least not in the middle of things – but if it does you want someone who knows how to handle it, not someone who’ll carry on like nothing’s changed. You want the most experienced pilot on your flight and hope she doesn’t have to use all her skills!

Sometimes the focus of an organization changes and Tara can respond quickly to handle anything that comes her way.

There’s just no substitute for experience and Tara has an abundance.