Winning the War on Employee Attraction!

Companies today are so interesting to me… we hide stuff. We hide important stuff. We hide what makes us a fantastic place to work from people who may want to work for us! Kinda silly, huh?

Have you ever looked for a new role or maybe you’ve been approached about an opportunity and you begin your own due diligence (if you don’t do this, you should… I’ll write a different blog on this topic) to determine: 1. Is this a place I want to work? 2. What benefits do they offer? 3. What’s the culture like? 4.What does the office look like? 5. Do they have fun? Do they do charitable work?6. What are their top leaders like? 7. How long have people been there? 8. What does the interview process entail?

These are just some of the questions that potential talent may be asking themselves. Glassdoor is a fantastic tool that allows for a lot of these questions to be answered, but only if you manage it. You don’t need a paid account to manage your company’s Glassdoor, you just need an Employer Account (which is fairly easy to obtain). Feedback, good and bad, is inevitable and you don’t want to run from it. Using Glassdoor, you can reply to all reviews, you can tell your side of the “story” and you can paint a picture of what it’s like to work at your organization. It always baffles me when companies ignore this tool… it’s not going anywhere… embrace it and use it to grow (or at the very least, to manage your employer brand and reputation)!

More than external sites, though, internal careers pages usually leaves a lot to be desired. Now, there are big exceptions… one that comes to mind, which I think is awesome:

Adobe! (you can click the link to see it)

Why I love it:

The use of videos! As a potential employee, I want to hear and see what it would be like to work there… right from employees themselves. I want to get excited about the office. I want to know if these are “my people”. They have a number of videos (really well done), but any video would be great! Grab your smart phone and shoot… let the potential talent see who you are (and if you don’t want them to, you may need to ask yourself why and seriously consider an overhaul).

Benefits! (Click “Benefits” to be redirected to entire benefits portal) Now, if you’re a small company or just don’t want/can’t have the expense, you don’t need a whole portal… but do follow their lead, give information about your benefits. This allows prospective employees to do research and determine if your benefits plan is attractive (to them). It also provides excitement. You’re “peeking behind the curtain” as a potential employee and it feels good to be in the know.

Get Social! There is nothing less appealing to the majority of today’s workers than a company that doesn’t embrace social media. Job seekers want to see your parties, they want to read about your wins, they want to see office candid’s, they want to engage with you… let them!

Locations! For goodness sake, put your address(es). Prospective talent want to know where you are! “Los Angeles” is a big city/county… are you in Cerritos or are you in Thousand Oaks (the difference is ASTRONOMICAL). Maybe your talent will have to relocate… they want to start picturing themselves living there, they want to see if they can afford housing, they want to research schools, they want to know where the closest Starbucks is… this is great for you as an employer. The prospective talent is exuding “buying signs”… you won’t know it… but they are. They are mentally joining your company and that is critical. By giving them access to details you are creating engagement (and you aren’t even doing much yet), you’re building loyalty, you’re getting folks literally ready to “hit the floor running”. Imagine what that will do for their ramp up time once they’re hired? And, even if they aren’t hired, they had an amazing experience… and that builds positive word of mouth (or positive reviews on sites like: Glassdoor, Indeed, Yelp, etc…).

These are just a few ideas to Win the War on Talent Attraction… what do you do that creates a positive impression for candidates and for your employer brand?